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October 1, 2017 AM Service

This service isn’t one of our usual offerings.  This one marks 150 years of the Sciotoville Christian Church holding firm to the principles of the Restoration Movement.  Founded in 1848 as the result of a tent meeting, we’ve been going strong ever since.  Today we’re joined by our former Senior Minister Art Marcum.


Spring Party!


Don’t forget to join us for this year’s Spring Party on Saturday, April 19th!  This is for those in preschool through sixth grade, and we will begin at noon!  A short lesson, food, fun, and don’t forget the eggs.  Bring a dozen hard boiled eggs to color and take home, and then we will be hunting plastic eggs that will be full of candy!  Bring a friend, and don’t forget to bring a basket or a bag to collect your eggs in.  The little kids will do a regular egg hunt, while first grade and up will do a fun scavenger hunt.  Hope to see you then!


This weekend we took our elementary aged kids on quite an adventure.  The SuperStarts program through CIY was not only a great opportunity to help drive home the fact that our true value is determined by God, not by worldly measures, but it also showed them a way to share that message.  This movie is one of those tools they shared with us.  It features our very own Tad Coriell as the Paint Ball Villain.  It’s about 19 minutes long and worth not only watching but sharing with friends.