Monthly Archives: May 2013

Getting More Involved In Ministry

My challenge to you this month is to get more involved.  Perhaps it will be in the form of helping out with a kid’s Sunday school class.  By the way, there is a meeting today for that, hint, hint.  I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to teach and interact with these kids.  And the best part is, not only do they learn and have a great time with you, but you come out pretty blessed as well.

Or maybe you will get more involved by stepping in and helping out with the praise team in some aspect.  Can you play an instrument?  Can you sing?  Can you do something as simple as run a computer or operate a video camera?  All of these things are needed, and perhaps it’s time for you to involve yourself in this ministry.

Or perhaps you can get more involved in the lives of those around you.  How important is that kind of a ministry in the life of the church?  Call people, visit them, write them, simply let them know that you care.  It can mean so much to a person, and perhaps you are just the one for the job.

Or what about getting involved more with the youth program?  Teach, interact, and just show them that you are there for them.  Nellie has a lot of interesting things coming up in the future, but the only way that they are going to be successful is if people like YOU step in and get involved.  See her to find out what you can do.

Or maybe you need to get involved with the ladies calling group, or the quilting group.  Perhaps you have an idea of a totally new ministry that needs to be started here at the Sciotoville Christian Church.  Bring the idea to me, and let’s see if we can’t get you involved in something that you want to do, that can also be a ministry that our church offers.

Whatever it is, big or small, on stage or behind the scenes, try and find a way to get more involved in the life and ministry of this church.  One thing that I have learned and seen in the lives of countless others, is that when you get INVOLVED in ministry, your faith is grown, and you find fulfillment in life like you have never experienced before.  Sure, you become a blessing to others, and you help meet the needs of this church, but in the end, it’s you that has the most to gain.

So, try and get yourself more involved in the ministries of this church.  Get involved, and see if your faith isn’t strengthened.

In Christ,