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What Are You Building?

I love the story about the mom and dad with a son who had just completed his freshman year of college.  The only problem was, he had completely blown off his freshman year.  In fact, he wasn’t very responsible, he didn’t make good grades, he squandered away his money, and he finally came back home barely passing his first year of college.  His parents told him, “If you plan to go back to school, then you’ll have to pay for it yourself.”

So he had to work that summer and not go on the family vacation.  That was part of his punishment, and the only way he was going to be able to afford going back to school.  The family went to Greece that year and the mom sent him a postcard while away.  “Dear Son,” she wrote.  “Today we stood on the mountains where ancient Spartan women sacrificed their defective children.  I sure wish you were here.”

Well, this week our family takes off for the beach.  And while I wish I could take you all with us…, who am I kidding, it’s good to get away.  But as we go, I found this neat story, and thought I would share it with you.  Here’s a little perspective in what it is that we are doing as follower of Christ.

A wealthy man before leaving on an extended vacation said to the contractor who had worked for him for many years, “While I am away, I want you to build me a fine new home according to these plans.  Be sure you work with extreme care, and use the best of everything.  Tell me the cost as soon as you have it and I’ll send you a check.”

During the process of construction the contractor discovered many opportunities to substitute inferior materials.  He then put the extra money he saved in his own pocket.  After all, his employer would never know the difference, and he himself would profit.  But he soon regretted his dishonesty, for the wealthy man upon his return inspected the finished home and said, “You have built it exactly as I wanted it, and I’m sure that you have used the best of everything in its construction.  Now, in appreciation for your long years of service to me, I am giving you this new home for your very own.  Here’s the deed!”

Here’s what the church needs to understand, we are building for eternity.  The question is, do we build with inferior materials, trying to take shortcuts or doing whatever is convenient for us, or do we build with choice materials on the foundation of Christ?  Don’t ever forget, the house we will have later on depends on the materials we are using today!

In Christ,