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Fellowship More!

Matthew 18:20 tell us, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

September brings a change in the season and a change in our focus as well.  For this month, the challenge is to fellowship together more.  Fellowship is an important aspect of any good church.  It is very important to get those that attend our church together as often as possible.  Of course, we gather for our worship services, and for our Bible studies, but it is as equally important for us to gather outside of our church services as well.

Things like this past week’s Ice Cream Social, having dinners together, taking part in youth activities, and other recreational activities are just a few ideas of getting people together.  When we do these things, not only can the church bond with people that they normally don’t get to talk to that much at church, but we have the opportunity to invite guests to an event outside of church to see that we are really normal people.  They are able to make friends in a neutral setting and develop relationships with people and therefore they feel more comfortable coming to church now because they know someone there.  Soon after, they start telling their friends to come hang out at our different fellowship activities, and all of a sudden we have several new faces in our church!

This month, we have our zoo trip, and our church picnic.  Come to the zoo with us, enjoy the animals, and spend some time with us just enjoying each other’s company as well.  Don’t forget to plan on attending the picnic.  This year we are going to add some fun and games to keep people there interacting with one another.  Let’s not just make it a 40 minute meal and then head home.  Let’s actually spend time getting to know the people we worship with.  Make it a priority to stick around at this year’s picnic, and bring a friend along with you.

Fellowship is not only good for our church, but it’s good for each and every one of us too.  It builds relationships, it gives us encouragement from one another, and when tough times come, we know that there are people here who care about us, and that we can go to.

So take this month, and really focus on having some real fellowship with each other.  And it doesn’t have to be a big event.  Get with another family or two, and plan your own little time of fellowship.  But defiantly be looking at the calendar, as we will be trying to incorporate a lot more opportunities for our church to fellowship together!

Here’s to “2013: The Year Of Resolutions!”

In Christ,


Does It Show?

In the 1850’s, some people discovered a tremendous amount of gold in a riverbed in Montana.  But because they didn’t have any tools and some members of their team were sick, they realized that they had to go back to town for some supplies and to rest up.  Before they left, they decided to make a pact to not tell anyone where the gold was.  They then went to the city for a couple of weeks.

Early one morning, as they all got up to leave the town and head back to the riverbed, over 50 of the townspeople walked out of town with them.  They began looking at each other and asking “Did you tell them about the gold?”  And each of the men responded, “No!  Did you?”

They finally asked the people why they were coming along, and this is what they had to say, “We knew you found gold by the smiles on your faces.”

Got a question for you to think about?  Do your neighbors know that you’ve found gold?  Can your coworkers tell that you are a Christian just by looking at your face?  Can the people around you see that you have a relationship with God based on the way that you live your life?

It’s like the little girl that was talking to her mother about how big God is.  She asked her mom, “Mommy, my Sunday school teacher told us today how big God is.  Is that true?”  Her mother assured her that, “Yes, God is very big.”

The little girl continued, “And the teacher said that God lived inside of us, is that right too?”  “Yes honey,” her mother responded, “God lives inside of us.”

The girl then asked, “Well is God is so big, and I am so small, and if God lives inside of me, then shouldn’t He show through?”

When people look at your life, do people see a little bit of Jesus shining through when they look at you?

Matthew 5:16 tells us, “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.”

As people look at you, do they see the way you carry yourself, do they see the way you speak, do they see the way you treat others, do they see the way you deal with trials, do they see the way you prioritize your life, do they see the things you do in your free time, do they see the way that you act, and are they able to see all that, and at the same time get a glimpse of God?

In Christ,


Exciting Changes Coming Soon!

With the school year about to begin, and the changes of fall right around the corner, we have some exciting new things getting ready to start for our kids here at Sciotoville Christian Church as well.


The first big change will be with our new fun and exciting Sunday school program.  We are getting ready to reorganize our classes, and begin a new curriculum that proves to excite, educate, and engage the kids.  Our new Sunday school classes will be every Sunday morning from 9-10, and classes will be broken up as follows:

  • Preschool – Kindergarten
  • First – Sixth Grade

Come and join us as we learn God’s word together in a new and exciting way!

The second big change that we are really excited about, is that we are going to begin an archery program right here at the church.  Each Sunday night, the first through sixth graders will come to church for a fun time of shooting archery, and relating God’s word to their lives.