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Remembering The Victory!

Just a short thought today with it being Super Bowl Sunday!  It’s amazing how important the Super Bowl seems to so many.  After all, we are canceling church tonight to have a Super Bowl Party.  Now, the reason for that is NOT to take away from God, or our time together.  We do this to give an added evening of fellowship with one another.  But it’s still interesting just how important many believe the Super Bowl is.  This week, just for fun I brought up Super Bowl Sunday on Wikipedia to see what it had to say.

“Super Bowl Sunday, sometimes referred to as Super Sunday, is a Sunday, usually the last Sunday in January or the first Sunday in February, on which the Super Bowl is played.  On Super Bowl Sunday, millions of people gather to watch the Super Bowl.  Some such gatherings are known for the large amount of food that is consumed by attendees.  As the most watched annual television program in the United States, a significant portion of the country follows the same routine on Super Bowl Sunday.  Although it has never been made an official holiday, several commentators refer to it as a holiday due to the way it causes families and friends to gather and celebrate together.  Many Americans who are not typically football fans will still gather and watch the game.”

Now, you would assume that with as important as the Super Bowl is, surly we would remember how great past winners were, right?  So let’s test your knowledge (by the way, I had to look these up myself).

  1. Let’s start with an easy one, who is playing in the Super Bowl today? Trouble with that one already?  What about the New England Patriots, and the Seattle Seahawks.
  2. The quarterback is possibly the most important play, so who are the two quarterbacks today? Did that one get you?  Try Tom Brady for New England, and Russell Wilson for Seattle.
  3. What number Super Bowl is it today? Not sure, me either, but the answer is Super Bowl 49.
  4. Since it’s so important, surly we remember last year, right? Who played, and who won the Super Bowl last year?  The answer, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos.
  5. Who won the year before that in Super Bowl 47? Ready for the answer, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers.
  6. What about the first one? Who played in, and won the first Super Bowl?  Well, if you go all the way back to 1967, you will learn that the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs.

So here’s my point, if this game is so important, why don’t we remember much about the past?  Why, because it’s just a game.  But, there is an event that we do remember.  In fact, it is an event that we take time each week to reflect on and remember.  Off course, I am talking about observing communion, and remembering Christ’s death on the cross, and His resurrection from the dead.  I’ve seen a lot of Super Bowl games, and I have seen some pretty impressive wins.  But nothing outdoes the victory that Jesus experienced that day.  And the good news is, we can share in that victory with Him, as long as we are part of His team.

In Christ,