Vacant Homes, Vacant Lives.

Tifton, Georgia, the most interesting thing about Tifton is an abandoned Victorian house filled with thousands and thousands of bats.  Tift County declared the once elegant house in the town’s historic district off limits after a bat specialist said that there were an estimated twenty thousand bats that had moved in, apparently for good.

Today, local teenagers call it “The Bat House.”  People talk about the smell, which is an unholy mixture of animal urine and decaying wood.  “In the summer, oh, does that place reek,” said Linda Turner, age 69, and a retired nurse and neighbor.  “You ain’t smelled nothing until you come back here on a hot day.”

Now…, I don’t know about you, but I’m sure not interested in going to visit that bat house.  What a sight and what a stink it must be!  But here’s what we can learn, vacant houses get infiltrated with all kinds of creatures and probably not just bats.  And many of these creatures make a mess, create a big stink, and eventually ruin that dwelling.

But I hope that you understand that it doesn’t just happen with vacant houses.  It also happens with vacant lives!  If a person doesn’t fill their life with good stuff, the bad stuff, and sometimes the evil stuff will move in and take over.

What’s going on in your house?  No, I’m not talking about the structure that you live in.  what’s going on in your life?  Is it full of God, or is it vacant, waiting for some unwanted creature to come in and destroy?  Who are you going to allow to move in and take over residency and begin controlling your life?

In Psalm 119:11 it says, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”  The Bible will keep you from sin, or… sin will keep you from the Bible!  It’s your choice.

But make sure that you understand this, God wants us to stay clean in this world and that will only happen when we let Him move in.  When we fill our lives with worship, and prayer, and service, we remain elegant houses for God to reside in.  But when we allow the filth and the stench of the world creep in, then our lives become vacant, they become off limits for God.  Sure, He still wants to be there, there just isn’t any room for Him.

In your life, is it vacant, is it a bat house, or is God residing and ruling your life?

In Christ,


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