Focusing On The Real Celebration

“2013: The Year Of Resolutions.”  The challenge has been to end the year in a better place than we began it.  Unlike most years with one big resolution, we have had a 12 step program to help us get there.  And here we are, the end of yet another year.  Just a reminder of what we have tried to do.

January – Pray More

February – Read More

March – Give More

April – Attend More

May – Get More Involved

June – Share Our Faith More

July – Call On Others More

August – Invite More

September – Fellowship More

October – More Acts Of Kindness

November – Serve More

And now we round out the year by focusing on the real celebration.  On Halloween night this year, I made a quick stop at the store where I stumbled onto a crew of workers quickly tearing town candy from the shelves.  It was only around 6, but they assumed the Trick-Or-Treat crowd had already bought all the goodies they needed.

What made this night so memorable, was that the Halloween treats were immediately replaced with Christmas candy.  The dead bodies of Halloween had not even grown cold, but the artificial spirit of Christmas was already taking over the stores.

So this year, let’s put to the side the commercial side of Christmas, and let’s focus on the real celebration.  The key to having the “best Christmas ever” is getting past the shopping and wrapping and decorating and cooking and partying and cleaning up and returning gifts.

And once we get past all of that, it’s all about focusing on what matters most.  The real celebration of Christmas is found when we pause to celebrate God’s love for us in sending His one and only Son into this world, not for His benefit, but for ours.

Go back and re-read the Christmas story as told in the Bible.  It really has very little to do with presents, decorations, parties, or even the big guy in the red suit.  As you read God’s story of Christmas, it has to do with only one gift.  And that gift is His Son, Jesus.  Jesus, God in the flesh, came to this earth, lived a life as we do, died and horrible death, not because of what He had done, but because of what we have done.

And why did He do that?  All so we could have our relationship with God restored, and we could be given the greatest gift of all, eternal life in Heaven with Him.  That’s what Christmas is really all about.  So make sure that you take time to focus on the real celebration.  Don’t take Christ out of Christmas!

And with that, we near the end of yet another year.  Here’s hoping that “2013: The Year Of Resolutions!” has been a tremendous success for you!

In Christ,


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