A New Challenge!

In case you are not going to be able to attend the congregational meeting, I want us all to be aware of the challenge for this year, so here is part of what I wrote for the Minister’s Report.  As we wrap up our second year of service here at Sciotoville Christian Church, we reflect on what has been accomplished in the previous year.  Nellie and I sat down the other night and discussed many of the events of the past 12 months.

Nellie has done a great job in leading the little kids of our church in both their spiritual journey, as well as in many extracurricular activities.  We have seen a great turnout for things like VBS, Fall Festival, Spring Party, our new Archery and Crafting Classes, and a huge increase in attendance for Sunday school as well.  More kids have taken part in our plays and in the choir over the past year as well.  We have seen some new faces start attending, and some old ones get a little more consistent.  Church camp was a great week, and the kids had a lot of fun, and learn a lot as well.  And looking to the future, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun, hang out, and most importantly, grow spiritually.

And when it comes to the adults, we have had a good year as well.  We had a great turnout to help with all of Nellie’s youth events, we had a great group of people helping with things like the Mother Daughter Banquet, and the Community Thanksgiving Dinner.  This year’s Church Picnic was a huge success, and we have had many other victories over the year.  And our spiritual journey has led us through The Story, a study of the Bible from start to finish.  We have also had studies on the parables of Jesus, the Ten Commandments, finding freedom from sin, getting a grip on our lives, some controversial hot topic studies, and many other Bible studies and sermon series.

During the year, we have even seen a few new faces join us in worship.  But sadly, we have also seen some pass away, and others stop coming for whatever reasons.  And like the previous five years, we have seen our average attendance drop, this year to an average of about 117 a week.  If you remember, last year I challenged us all to be focused on our relationships with God, with those that worship here, and with those that are outside of Christ.  And this year, the challenge changes.  This year, if you could just focus on the number ONE.  And what I mean by ONE, is I want you to make it your personal goal to get AT LEAST ONE new person here this year.  Make that your priority.  Reach out to ONE person, ONE family, and try and get them to come and worship with us here at Sciotoville Christian Church.  Can you imagine the impact on this church if everyone took seriously the great commission?  What would happen if we were all serous about spreading the good news and the great love of God to those around us?  Imagine what would happen here at Third and Bloom is everyone was committed to getting just ONE more person here.  If that were the case, then by this time next year, we could be looking at a weekly attendance that has skyrocketed to nearly 234.  And wouldn’t that be amazing?

Can you make that commitment to God, and to this church?  Can you decide today, that by this time next year, you will have had a hand in getting AT LEAST ONE new person into a relationship with God and worshiping with us here at Third and Bloom?  If you will just commit to TRYING that, just image what God could do IN and THROUGH our church!!

In Christ,

Josh & Nellie

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