Because You Did, Dad!

Why do so many kids today act the way that they do?  Have you ever stopped to consider the fact that they are simply imitating their parents?  Today is Father’s Day, and we celebrate all the dads that have meant so much to us.  But I especially applaud the fathers that have in the past, and are today, setting good examples for their children to follow.  Fathers who lead their children in the right direction to go, and all the time, lead them closer to God.

Harry Chapin’s song, Cat In The Cradle says, “I’m gonna be like you dad, you know I’m gonna be like you.”  And in that song, we see the child growing up to be just like his dad.  Why?  Because that is what he saw growing up.  Rodney Atkins sings a song, Watching You, where he learns that his son is picking up some of his bad habits, and so he goes and prays about it.  Later he sees his son praying, and the chorus starts out like this, “He said I’ve been watching you dad, ain’t that cool?  I’m your buckaroo, I wanna be like you.”

Whether we like it or not, our children are watching us.  Allie is already a copy cat for anything that me or Nellie will do, and so we have to be very careful what we say and do.  Your kids WILL follow you.

James Bryan Smith begins a chapter of his book by telling a story about taking his six year old son to an amusement park.  While at the park, he and his son got on a ride.  A teenage boy buckled them into their seats and then started the ride.  The entire time during the ride, James Bryan Smith felt a panic in his heart for fear that his son would fly out of the ride.

Here is what he says about the event, “With white knuckles and gritted teeth I prayed the entire ninety seconds for the ride to end.  I looked over at Jacob, who was laughing and having a great time.”

After the ride was over, he and his son sat down on a nearby park bench, and Smith asked his son, “Weren’t you scared?  That ride was pretty wild.  Why did you get on a ride like that?”

His son simply looked at him, and answered with childlike honesty, “Because you did, dad.”

Well, this is the kind of trust we should have in our Heavenly Father.  Because God sent His Son to this earth in human form, Jesus (God in human flesh) set us an example of how to live.  He defeated death, and is now up in Heaven with the Creator.  And He longs for us to do the same, to live lives of faith that lead to a relationship with the Father.  And the great thing is, if we can do it, our kids might just follow in that direction too.  And some day, when they have a right relationship with God, we might ask them why they believe, and why they have a faith like they do?  And hopefully they will say to us, “Because you did, dad or mom or grandma or grandpa.”

In Christ,


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