Avoiding Temptation!

I recently stumbled across an old article from Our Daily Bread that I had clipped out and saved that addressed the issue of temptation, and more importantly, overcoming temptation.  Here is what that article had to say:

“According to Greek mythology, sirens (sea nymphs) inhabited certain Mediterranean coastal areas.  As ships passed by, the sirens sang such enchanting songs that the sailors, drawn by the music, would jump overboard and drown.  Odysseus was on a ship that had to pass that way.  Aware of the powerful allurement of those songs, he ordered that he be bound with ropes to the mast and that the crewmen’s ears be sealed with wax to block out the tantalizing music of the sirens.  Having taken such precautions, Odysseus and the rest of the crew were able to sail past without yielding to the lure of the sea nymphs.

As Christians, we should be prepared to resist any temptations to evil.  We must hate sin and be so serious about not giving in to its allurements that we are determined to deny our desire to participate in it.  Are there recurring sins in your life that have been defeating you?  Drastic measures must be taken.  You must keep away from any enticements that you know would play into your weakness.  The best protection against temptation is to heed the warning Paul gave to Timothy in II Timothy 2:22, “Flee also youthful lusts; but pursue righteousness.”  That was good counsel then, and it’s still good today.

It’s wise to flee when tempted

A fool is one who’d stay;

For those who toy with evil

Soon learn it doesn’t pay.”

Now as I read that article, I couldn’t help but think about when Jesus was talking about if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off.  Or if your eyes cause you to sin, poke them out.  Why, because it is better to go through life disabled, than to knowingly sin.  The best way to resist temptation is to not knowingly put yourself into a situation where you will be tempted.  For the alcoholic, don’t go walking into a bar.  For the person that is tempted with pornography, stay off the internet.  It would be better to take drastic measures, cut off your hand if you have to, rather than continue to knowingly sin.

So, what measures are you taking to keep yourself from falling to temptation?

In Christ,